Jordan Taylor

Jordan has the perfect blend of creativity and technical knowledge that, combined with his deep appreciation of music, really helps projects shine. He loves watching dailies, searching for that perfect take, and choosing the slick tracks that will accompany a project. But, in the end, bringing it all together and collaborating with a creative team … Read More

Melanie Snagg

When it comes to Editing experience, Melanie Snagg is almost without equal. She’s an awarding-winning editor, having worked with VIFF, A&W, MTS, and BCLC (just to name a few), and her rapport with clients is evident as soon as they walk in the door. Mel sees editing as the ultimate puzzle, and she loves puzzles! … Read More

Don Macdonell

With more than 27 years of editing under his belt, Don brings unsurpassed experience, passion, and editorial timing to his work. Aside from being one of the most talented editors you will ever work with, he is also the genuinely nicest person, except when the audio plugin bombs his fellow editors. When the weather allows, … Read More