Our Team

Randy Egan


Randy has over 29 years of production experience with an emphasis on visual effects and colour correction. He is also our technical genius and has a passion for being up-to-date on the latest and greatest video and software solutions. Aside from being the PPM boss man, he is a devoted husband and father.

He is also freakishly competitive in squash/curling/baseball younameit.

See Randy’s Reel here!

Kylie Kumar

Director of Post Production

Kylie has over 13 years of post production, production, and agency experience. That, combined with an Honours Diploma in Broadcast and Media Communications from BCIT, makes her a dynamic force to be reckoned with. Her post production career includes both broadcast and digital marketing-based executions, which helps keep her at the forefront of all delivery options. After the countless hours of hard work Kylie puts in, she loves to get away for vacations with her family and, whenever possible, find a well-kept beach to nap on.

Don Macdonell

Senior Editor

With almost 30(!) years of editing under his belt, Don brings unsurpassed experience, passion, and editorial timing to his work. Aside from being one of the most talented editors you will ever work with, he is also the genuinely nicest person. Ever. After a long day of editing, Don likes to kick back with a nice craft beer to watch some Canucks hockey with his adorable Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier, Bonnie.

See Don’s Reel here!

Melanie Snagg

Senior Editor

When it comes to Editing experience, Melanie Snagg is almost without equal. She’s an awarding-winning editor, having worked with VIFF, A&W, MTS, and BCLC (just to name a few), and her rapport with clients is evident as soon as they walk in the door. Mel sees editing as the ultimate puzzle, and she loves puzzles! She enjoys the challenge of finding the perfect footage and bringing it all together into a cohesive, eye-catching spot. She’s also a calm, driving force when it comes to editing. Beyond her obvious talents, she is customer service focused and supportive. She’s passionate about her job and making sure her clients are seeing the edits they want to see, and loving them.

See Melanie’s Reel here!

Jordan Taylor


Jordan has the perfect blend of creativity and technical knowledge that, combined with his deep appreciation of music, really helps projects shine. He loves watching dailies, searching for that perfect take, and choosing the slick tracks that will accompany a project. But, in the end, bringing it all together and collaborating with a creative team is his true jam. When Jordan’s not killing it in the edit suite, you can find him running around the streets of Vancouver in his trademark Nikes.

See Jordan’s Reel here!

Julia Hostetler

Editor / Colourist

Julia is an editing dynamo. She’s fast, efficient, and fiercely talented. She’s worked on everything from commercial to documentary to narrative, in both short-form and long-form. Graduating from Met Film School in London, Julia’s also a whiz in the colour suite, making her a post-production double threat! And, to top it off, she’s also a classically trained violinist and even spent a few summers dressed in renaissance garb playing baroque music!

See Julia’s Reel here!

Caspian Kai

2D / 3D Lead Design Artist

Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, Caspian has over 9 years of industry experience, the last 5 being freelance. Caspian has had the pleasure of working with some great studios, agencies, brands and individuals all around the world.

Caspian has a background in Architectural Visualisation, experience in Landscape and Architectural Photography, DJing and Electronic Music Production, all of which inform and enrich his Motion Design work.

A hobbyist nature photographer and a ​self-professed coffee snob, Caspian also spends his time volunteering as a Digital Design Mentor at VFS.

See Caspian's Reel here!

Cory Clarkson

2D / 3D Digital Artist

Cory is no stranger to animation and has a keen sense of design, an eye for VFX photorealism, and a love of fonts. An avid gamer, Christopher Nolan fan & hot wing aficionado, Cory also would rather suffer a day of allergy symptoms than let a cat go un-loved. Though he has a real affection for furry friends, he’s said that, as an animator, he often relates better to polygons than to humans.

See Cory’s Reel here!

Austin Wendenburg

2D / 3D Digital Artist

Austin was born in the Okanagan Valley where he began his journey making ski films. After moving to Vancouver to study motion design, he quickly realized his calling to become multi-faceted software nerd. From 3D animation to graphic design, Austin boasts a broad skill set that adapts quickly. He's easy to work with, rapidly progressing designer driven by a genuine passion to an evolving field. When not working you'll find Austin skiing, biking, or planning his next outdoor adventure.

See Austin’s Reel here!

Stephanie Beerwald

Administrative & Client Services Manager

Craving sushi? Done. A craft cocktail? You’ve got it. It doesn’t matter what you’re after, Steph will make sure your appetite is sated. With over 17 years combined experience in Customer Service, Administration, and Communications, making sure you get top-notch client care is her #1 priority. Steph is also our in-house closed captioning expert. She loves being able to convey complex sounds through words to those who may not be able to experience full audio. Steph also loves travelling and exploring international craft beer scenes. A favourite beer from her travels? Surtur Nr.30 from Borg Brugghús in Iceland.

Warren Jackson

Facility Manager

Warren manages the day to day facility maintenance. He’s in charge of the interior look and design of the space. I’m sure you’ll appreciate his taste in art and decor during your next visit. As well as being a trained RED Seal chef, he is also a devoted husband and father. If you’ve been to any of our parties, you’ve tasted his food!