Our Team

Randy Egan


Randy has over 30 years of production experience with an emphasis on visual effects and colour grading. Now more than ever, video is the medium to effectively and emotionally express the exact message that clients intend.
Randy is a twin, a devoted husband, and the father of a tween girl. His recent passion is designing the ultimate Smart Home. So far he’s developed the optimum setup for lights, sound, video, heating/cooling, appliance control, gardening, door locks, security, and can even fill his bathtub from his rooftop patio using his phone. Put a squash racket in his hand and the competitive side comes out too!

See Randy’s Reel here!

Kylie Kumar

Director of Post Production

Kylie has over 15 years of advertising and video production experience. Budgeting, scheduling, and building strong client relationships are what she does best. And you better believe that if she says she’s going to get something done, it is most certainly going to get done.
After the countless hours of hard work Kylie puts in, she loves to relax with her husband, children, and their adorable Aussie Doodle, Hazel. Kylie’s ideal weekend includes elastic waist pants, hot yoga, and a plate of spicy chicken wings; hold the blue cheese dressing. In fact, the only time Kylie will eat cheese of any kind is when it’s melted on a pizza.

Don Macdonell

Senior Editor

With more than 27 years of editing under his belt, Don brings unsurpassed experience, passion, and editorial timing to his work. Aside from being one of the most talented editors you will ever work with, he is also the genuinely nicest person, except when he audio plugin bombs his fellow editors.
When the weather allows, Don loves exploring the Thompson Plateau with his furry best friend Bonnie the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier. He’s also taken up woodworking, and is in the process of creating a humidor, though he dreams of one day crafting himself a Japanese soaking tub.

See Don’s Reel here!

Melanie Snagg

Senior Editor

When it comes to Editing experience, Melanie Snagg is almost without equal. She’s an awarding-winning editor, and her rapport with clients is evident as soon as they begin a session. Mel sees editing as the ultimate puzzle, and she loves puzzles! She enjoys the challenge of finding the perfect footage and bringing it all together into a cohesive, eye-catching spot. Mel is passionate about her job and making sure her clients are seeing the edits they want to see, and loving them.
The closer Mel is to the ocean, the more centered she feels, so when she wants to unwind, Mel and her family head to her childhood home of Vancouver Island. Mel loves bonding with her two sons over video games, and will have LL Cool J’s “Momma Said Knock You Out” ready to play whenever she obliterates them.

See Melanie’s Reel here!

Jordan Taylor


Jordan possesses the perfect blend of creativity and technical knowledge that, combined with his deep appreciation of music, really makes his projects shine. He’s quite particular when it comes to his editing set up and prefers a dark room with a stand up desk and his prized 15-buttoned mouse.
When Jordan’s not killing it in the edit suite, you can find him running the seawall, bedroom DJing, or watching his favourite TV show, 90 Day Fiancé.

See Jordan’s Reel here!

Julia Hostetler

Editor / Colourist

Julia is an editing and colour grading dynamo. She’s fast, efficient, and fiercely talented. She's worked on everything from commercial to documentary to narrative, in both short and long form.
Julia is our resident baker and will often share her delicious creations at the office. She can also make a balloon dog in under 15 seconds! Renaissance Woman much?

See Julia’s Reel here!

Cory Clarkson

2D / 3D Digital Artist

Cory’s immense talent for Photo-real Compositing, 2D animation, and Motion Graphics means that he has the mad skills to be able to deliver solid creative for every kind of project. But, he tends to favour those with a humourous, over-the-top spin.
Cory is an avid D&D player/forever GM who plays online, sometimes twice a week! He is also the PostPro meme-maker extraordinaire, creating the most hilarious gifs for everyone at the office to laugh at hysterically.

See Cory’s Reel here!

Austin Wendenburg

2D / 3D Digital Artist

Austin was born in the Okanagan Valley where he began his journey making ski films. After moving to Vancouver to study motion design, he quickly realized his calling to become a multi-faceted software nerd. From 3D animation to graphic design, Austin boasts a broad skill set and can adapt quickly. He's a rapidly progressing designer driven by a genuine passion for an evolving field, and he is also fun and incredibly easy to work with.
When not in front of his computer, you'll find Austin skiing, biking, or planning his next outdoor adventure. His home base of Squamish means Austin stays close to all the mountainous action, but that also means he’s got the furthest commute out of all of the PostPro staff.

See Austin’s Reel here!

Stephanie Beerwald

Administrative & Client Services Manager

With over 19 years combined experience in Customer Service, Administration, and Communications, making sure you get top-notch client care is Steph’s #1 priority. She is a Cicerone Certified Beer Server who also holds FOODSAFE, Serving It Right, and Standard First-Aid and CPR Level C certifications, so rest assured that you’re in good hands.
Steph is also our in-house Closed Captioning and Communications whiz. She enjoys being able to convey complex sounds through words to those who may not be able to experience full audio. She helms our social media accounts, as well.
Steph loves travelling and exploring craft beer scenes both near and far. She is also a trained singer who has performed in more than 10 languages.

Warren Jackson

Facility Manager

Warren manages the day to day facility maintenance. He’s in charge of the interior look and design of the space. I’m sure you’ll appreciate his taste in art and decor during your next visit. As well as being a trained RED Seal chef, he is also a devoted husband and father. If you’ve been to any of our parties, you’ve tasted his food!