Cory Clarkson

Cory is no stranger to animation and has a keen sense of design, an eye for VFX photorealism, and a love of fonts. An avid gamer, Christopher Nolan fan & hot wing aficionado, Cory also would rather suffer a day of allergy symptoms than let a cat go un-loved. Though he has a real affection … Read More

Austin Wendenburg

Austin was born in the Okanagan Valley where he began his journey making ski films. After moving to Vancouver to study motion design, he quickly realized his calling to become multi-faceted software nerd. From 3D animation to graphic design, Austin boasts a broad skill set that adapts quickly. He’s easy to work with, rapidly progressing … Read More

Matthew Hayashi

Entering university, Matt’s biggest prospect in life was playing basketball. Animation was his hobby and his free time was his teacher. After only three years, he took a leap to quit school and work full-time in animation. It was the best thing he could have done. Matt’s curiosity for all things motion design has led … Read More